Valentine’s Day Home Decor

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Some people look forward to this day, while others see it as just another day. There’s nothing better than using a holiday as an excuse to redecorate your home. I can share a few tips on decorating your home for Valentine’s day, that can lead to an early start to Spring decorating.

Walls Need Love Too


Image: Katie Kime

Painting is always a great idea! Whether you have the artistic talent to paint…or not, this is a simple inexpensive way of adding décor to your home.  Be inspired by Valentine’s Day, incorporate pink hues and pastels.  These colors are great because it leads into Spring décor. Don’t over think it, just go for it—with a glass of wine.

Floral Arrangement


Mason Jar Floral arrangements are simple and beautiful. They are just right for Valentine’s day and they’re definitely Spring décor. You can paint your mason Jar or leave it in its original form. Either way the end result is beautiful. Also a perfect item for your coffee table.

I’m Blushing


Pink is definitely on the rise. Creating sophisticated chic in your home without it feeling like Barbie’s playhouse or a little girl’s room can be slightly difficult. The trick is to incorporate hints of pink in the blush tones or dusty rose tones. Being subtle is key, you don’t want to go overboard. A great way to incorporate subtle tones of pink is with curtains. Light sheers in a blush pink would be the right amount of pink to add to your space.

Sweets and Champagne


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