Sunday Funday: Brunchin’ It

This may be surprising for some people but I actually love Sundays. I get to wake up whenever I feel like waking up and not have a care in the world. I do things on my own time which I love. Casper, the makers of really comfy mattresses think that a few extra hours in bed is the key to Sunday Funday success followed by brunch and a mimosa or two!

For my Sunday Funday I usually enjoy going to brunch with a friend. I probably go to brunch at least once a month. There is nothing better than going to brunch and having a mimosa! Who doesn’t love great brunch food and mimosa to top it all off. A few places I would recommend for those who are in Boston are: The Paramount, North Street Grille and The South End Buttery.

The Paramount

If you’re looking for a casual brunch place that has amazing food The Paramount is the place to go. However, I wouldn’t go when you are starving because you can sometimes wait up to an hour before you get your food and be seated.

The North Street Grille

The North Street Grille is one of my favorite places. This place is great for the morning after going out. They have a good selection of brunch food and I would say that almost everything is delicious! My taste buds don’t lie! It is so good that I can’t order just one thing from the menu! Their brunch drinks are also really good!

The South End Buttery

The South End Buttery is a cute place to have a nice brunch date with a friend. In the summer time there is outdoor seating which makes everything so much better. There french toast is to die for!

Agave in the West Village, NYC

 For those who are in New York, if you’re looking for some bottomless brunch I would say Agave in the West Village. Be sure to make it to their two-hour bottomless brunch that runs until 4 pm!. Also they have a brunch menu for a set price of $28 and with that you can get all you can drink mimosas and much more! The great thing about this place is that it’s Mexican, who doesn’t love Mexican food?!

Five Leaves, Greenpoint Brooklyn

Another place in NYC that I would recommend would be Five Leaves in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I have not been here but I have heard great things. They have a wide selection on their menu and of course drinks!

.    All of these places are amazing! The food is the perfect Sunday brunch food and it’s delicious. There is no better way to spend a Sunday having great food and drinks with a friend or two. The great thing about making reservations for brunch is that it gives you time to be lazy in the morning and end your day off with a good atmosphere surrounded by great people!

For those of you who had a little too much fun at brunch, here are some quick hang over remedies! 

Mimosa With A Slight Twist
What You’ll Need:

 Trader Joe’s Orange Peach Mango Juice

Your Favorite Champagne

Pour equal parts of Trader Joe’s Orange Peach Mange Juice and Champagne into Champagne Flutes.

Give it a little stir.

Add a slice of orange on the side.

There you have it my Mimosa with a Slight Twist!

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