Style meets Functionality

Let’s face it, appearances are everything and I’m not just talking about a person’s appearance but also

interiors. The appearance of a space is the first thing you see, it captures your attention- good and bad.

The style of an interior is the first thing you notice but the second part of an interior space is it’s

functionality. Good design equals a space that serves purpose and speaks for itself. It doesn’t need an explanation

whether it involves furniture, technology or architecture.

How does one create a space that is stylish yet functional? How does one redefine an interior and break

the norms of design, while keeping it aesthetically pleasing and functional? It’s simple, designing with

purpose and using the design principles and elements every great designer knows. Whether designing a

space with subtle nods to the design elements or in your face, every well designed space incorporates

some of the principles and elements of design. Using these principles and elements allow a good

designer to design just about any space, whether it’s 500 square feet or 20,000 square feet.

There are numerous design styles and aesthetics, some prefer uber contemporary while others may go

for a more traditional style. Regardless of style, if it’s not functional the aesthetics doesn’t matter. Style

and functionality goes hand in hand. Yes, a space needs to capture your attention (mainly good

attention), once your attention is captured, the use of the space is the next important factor. I believe

style and functionality can also be solutions to problems. A perfect example is an ottoman, not only

does it add a layer of aesthetics to your space but it serves a purpose.

You may wonder, how can I make my home more functional while being chic? Every home is

different, however I can show you a few tips that you can incorporate into your space that will

drastically help your home serves it’s purpose.

Clear Space Equals Clear Mind


Image: HGTV

Organization is crucial. When you have an organized and clean home you start to think and feel more productive.

Time to Rearrange


Image: Better Decorating Bible

Some may think that laying out your space is simple…well, it’s not. Your furniture arrangement will

dictate how you use your space and how much time you spend in your space.

A simple furniture layout is soothing, it will allow you to come home and decompose after a long day

at work.







The flow of your space is another important aspect. Good circulation in your home can make your life

a lot easier. You don’t have to avoid obstacles in your way, furthermore; it won’t be an adventure

getting from point A in your house to point B. Flow in your home equals flow in your mind, it can

spark creativity.


Simple or Bold


Image: House Beautiful

Carrier & Company

Image: Carrie and Company


Image: Pinterest

Time to run to your nearest Home Depot or Lowes. Having the right color in your home is imperative.

Good lighting and the right color can drastically transform a space. Bad lighting and the wrong color

can hurt you more than you know it. Believe it or not, color truly affects how you feel and what you do.

It can make you feel sleepy or energetic, regardless of the emotion it evokes it still has a slight impact

on your life. Think about it in terms of the weather. When it’s a beautiful sunny day- you don’t want to

waste a second inside. Instead, you would rather go outside to enjoy the weather and be productive. On the flip

side if the weather is gloomy and rainy, you would most definitely stay in bed all day and watch Netflix. Two

factors involved in the weather that’s also in your home – lighting and color. Whether you prefer

neutrals or bright and bold colors, choosing the right color for your space is important. I suggest that

you test the paint on your walls and also paint the same color throughout your home(only if you’re painting other

spaces). It will give you an insight as to how much different a color can change based on the location,

the amount of lighting reflected onto it and other factors in the space.

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