Rainy Day DIY

Sometimes rainy days can be a bit depressing. I love rainy days when I have no obligations because I can either be super productive or extremely lazy. For the productive rainy days, I tend to write articles for my blog, read a book, or watch YouTube videos about a new hobby I am interested in. Once in a blue moon (if I have supplies) I will paint. I love painting because it’s calming and I don’t have to think about what I’m painting, I just let it come natural. I’ve picked out a few DIYs to help have a productive a rainy day.

Let’s Hang

I love gallery wall arrangements. The beauty about this DIY project is that it will be a work in progress. Finding the right picture frames, art and wall décor can take some time. There’s no need to rush. Getting started is the fun part. Once you start hanging you will not want to stop until it’s complete! I’ve been through this process. I actually took a two-day break, and I found the right size art for my wall during the that time. It is important to give yourself a break and look at your wall with a new set of eyes. Everything will eventually fall into place.

Tip: Use command Velcro strips. They are super sticky and the best part- they don’t leave holes in your wall.

Image: Pinterest

Style It Out

I love table accessories! The great thing about styling your coffee table is changing your décor per season. You never have to commit to one set look! You can always add or take away décor. Coffee table styling basics 101:

Choose a style (chic, vintage, coastal etc)

Trays can be helpful

Books are key

Candle or flowers

Some type of unique décor

Don’t overthink it, have fun!


Image: Pinterest


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Pillow Talk

Throw pillows are your best friend! They are chic, affordable and they instantly add character to your space. They are versatile and easy to switch out. It’s also a quick way to add layer and color to your space.

For Bed:

For an easy way to layer your bed with pillows, you can follow this basic formula.

King: 3 Euro, 2 King, 2 Standard, 1 Accent

Queen/Full: 2 Euro, 2 Standard, 1 Accent

Twin: 1 Euro, 1 Standard, 1 Accent


Image: Pinterest


Image: Pinterest

For Sofa:

There’s no set way to layer a sofa with throw pillows. There’s a million ways to add pillows to your sofa. Play around and see what works best. Mix and match your pillows. Incorporate solids, patterns, and textures. Find pillows that enhances your space.


Image: Pinterest

For my lazy Darlings

Baking is a favorite pastime of mine. I have a really big sweet tooth so I can probably spend all day baking desserts. I think rainy days are perfect for baking, and most importantly…. Netflix. I picked out a few quick and easy recipes to help you be 5 % productive on your rainy day.

Pumpkin Spice Snickerdoodles


Image & Recipe: Cookies and Cups

Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies


Image & Recipe: Baked by Rachel 


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