NYFW Style Journal Series 9.5.17

It’s hard to believe that NYFW is already here. Last year I was fortunate enough to attend my first Fashion Week, thanks to Alexa from LexLovesCouture. I am truly excited to be attending another year of Fashion Week and I can’t wait!


I knew ahead of time I wanted to attend Fashion Week S/S18. The second summer started all I could think about was Fashion Week and outfit planning. I started my prep early, I decided to take time off and book my flight to NYC ASAP. My first year attending I stressed about what to wear and I ended up wearing whatever I had in my closet. This year things started to fall into place and and it was a less stressful process.


When I first attended Fashion Week I won’t lie to you, I was quite nervous/ not 100% confident. I wasn’t confident because I didn’t love my outfit – I didn’t think it was fashion forward and I had no idea what to expect or how to prep for Fashion Week. Thankfully I was surrounded by a group of confident fun women who taught me a few tricks of the trade. I must say that at first I felt awkward taking photos because I felt as though I was surrounded by the pros! Once I realize that EVERYONE in NYC will be taking pictures at every single second of the day and some strangers may think you’re someone important, I realized it’s all about having fun and being confident.


Fashion Week is fun and a great time to meet people. I love seeing all of the street style and the New Collections. It’s artistic and it gives me tons of inspiration for my wardrobe and interior design. The pretty side of Fashion Week are the shows and the tons of pictures people take of you whether you know it or not, and meeting new people who have similar interests as you.

The not so fun side of Fashion Week- running back and forth from one show to another can be very exhausting.

Tip 1: Make sure you either wear comfortable shoes or bring a pair of backup shoes because YOU WILL HAVE BLISTERS by the end of the day. I wore a pair of Steve Madden open toe booties with thick heels and they’re usually comfortable, I thought I was going to be fine running around in those shoes, I was in for a huge surprise. After wearing my heels for almost 10 hours (yikes!) my toes were crying, I had blisters and my feet were throbbing. After that experience I learned to never underestimate how comfy your shoes may feel, ALWAYS bring a pair of sandals or flats. We tend to see a lot of people wearing heels throughout Fashion Week but always remember you can rock Street Style just as good in a pair of comfortable sneaks or oxfords etc. No matter the shoe, once you’re confident thats all that matters.

Tip 2:Don’t forget to eat! You get caught up in running back and forth from shows that it’s super easy to forget to eat. Make sure you cut out an hour of your time to eat, even if you have to skip a show. You can always pack a small snack like an energy bar or fruits to keep you energized throughout the day.

Tip 3: Budget for cabs – this is important! The city will be crazy with a lot of people, trains will be crowded or potentially delayed. Some shows can be across the city so make sure you budget for cabs/ uber and split the cost with friends because that’s the only way you can keep the price down. Don’t over book your schedule with shows, leave some travel time in between or you will be exhausted!

Tip 4: Attend Events/ Make Connections–make sure you walk with your business cards! NYC is filled with thousands of people and you never know who you may run into during Fashion Week. Always stay positive and if networking isn’t your strong suit, fake it until it becomes natural. The first time meeting people will be hard but after Day 1 of Fashion Week it’s easy to mingle/socialize with anyone. There’s a great amount of people who do attend runway shows solo, don’t be afraid to make the first move. NYFW is filled with a ton of events that sometimes have free cocktails, products, food etc. Take advantage of this. Last year Lulus hosted an event that was filled with lots of clothes, beauty products and more. It was a great opportunity to meet new brands and make connections with other influencers/bloggers. Another downtime event was hosted by Target. They created a pop-up lounge throughout Fashion Week which was a perfect spot to relax and enjoy live music and have a little fun.The atmosphere was great and it was the perfect time to sip on some champagne.

I am thankful that I am able to attend another year of Fashion Week. I usually don’t post OOTD pictures on my IG but I can’t wait to share with you guys my OOTD and the journey throughout Fashion Week. Stay tune, as I will be updating my blog and all social media accounts – Snapchat, IG and Twitter! Be sure to follow! Happy Fashion Week!

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