Going to Jamaica was quite an experience. I didn’t know what to think because I’ve heard so many stories about Jamaica. My aunt wanted my cousin and I to go with her to see a different culture and way of life. I went with an open mind and it was one of the best experiences/vacations of my life(as of now). From the food to the music and the culture, there was so much to take in. Each island is a different experience and each one has its own unique feature. The first two nights I stayed at Strawberry Hill. We arrived during the night so there wasn’t much to see, however in the morning the view was absolutely breathtaking. From the hills to overlooking pretty much all of Kingston, it was surreal and serene.

After staying at Strawberry Hill, we drove to Montego Bay which was about a two hour drive I believe. Montego Bay was beautiful. We stayed at the Half Moon Resort. Once again we arrived in the night and we were all tired. In the morning I heard water by my window and I was slightly confused. I opened the curtains only to find a private beach outside of my villa! Everything about Jamaica was amazing. I am so thankful that I was able to experience Jamaica the way I did.

Strawberry Hill

jamica 2

jamaica 8

jamaica 4

jamaica 3

Half Moon Montego Bay

jamaica 6

Jamiaca 1

jamaica 7




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