For the Love of Gray: Chic Gray Kitchens

Gray is one of my  favorite neutrals— I love all things gray!  If you have no idea what color to paint your walls…go gray or go home! Although most people opt for gray walls, I’d say try something different and go gray in your kitchen. Gray kitchens are chic and timeless. If you’re looking to update your kitchen for less, gray cabinets with brass hardware definitely go a long way! 

Mix it Up


Image: Pinterest


Image: Pinterest

If you’re open to trying new things, go half and half! Tip: Darker paint color should be applied to the bottom cabinets

Classically Gray

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Greige has been trending, however it’s a classic color. If you look at the Benjamin Moore HC colors quite a few of the grays are actually greige! It’s safe to say that greige will always have a simple classic feel.


Gray and Brass: Ultimate Chic Look!

Image: The Kitchn


Image: LWeatherBee

One thing I love more than gray—brass! Ugh, my love for brass is pretty strong.  Combining gray and brass equals the picture perfect kitchen. The combination creates the right amount of chic!

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