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Creating A Stylish At Home Office

A small office space at home is super simple to put together and can be created for under $200. I am a college student so I can’t splurge on home décor items, but I was able to design my desk area for less than $100. So even if budget is an issue you can still buy stylish at home office décor and more! (more…)

Creating A Masculine Space

I love masculine spaces. I feel that it has a very relaxed vibe to it. I also think masculine spaces have a lot of character and that's something I find intriguing. I've picked out some inspirational images that would be useful as a guide to help you create your masculine space. For me if I were to design a masculine space three elements that I would definitely include are: 1) A vintage brown leather couch or accent chair. 2) Something rustic, maybe a rustic mirror or a rustic lamp. 3) The color navy and some type of grainy wood. (more…)

Faux Fur vs Knit

One of my essentials during fall and winter season is a good throw. The tricky part about picking a throw is whether or not you want a faux fur throw or a knitted throw. I am always down for a fur throw; however, I have seen a few good knitted throws that may make me consider adding a few to my throw collection. If you’re going for a chic look and a soft atmosphere then welcome to the faux fur throw team. On the other side if you’re looking for a cozy at home feeling, the knitted throw is your go to. (more…)