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Table Styling: A Guide to the Perfect Thanksgiving Tablescape

It’s unreal that Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Everyone’s favorite part about Thanksgiving is the eating part…of course. For those who may be hosting Thanksgiving, setting the table is as equally important. Here are a few simple table décor ideas to help turn your table from average to festive. Simplicity Goes a Long Way Image: Honey Oh My The great thing about Thanksgiving is that it’s in November. Pumpkins are still acceptable. Keeping it simple is always the way to go. A table runner with a few white pumpkins and flowers that are fitting to the occasion is one way to jazz up your table. Need a little help? Head on over to Honey Oh My Rustic Vibes Image: City Farmhouse This table setting is definitely rustic chic, from the natural décor to the…

Bedroom Style: A Guide to picking Chic Headboards

Headboards are an essential part of your bed. It’s the missing puzzle piece that completes the look of your room. Picking the right headboard can be a little tricky. Knowing which style, you are looking to achieve is the first step towards picking the right headboard. (more…)

Defining your Interior Style

Defining your decorating style can be a bit hard. While most designers blend a few different styles, having a core style is key. The most important thing is to understand what you like. Once you’ve figured out the details and elements of you like, finding your style is super easy.  Here is a quick breakdown of the main interior styles. Hopefully it brings you closer to identifying your own interior design style! Industrial Image: Fresh Home Image: Vintage Industrial Industrial style is reminiscent of the past. It has a lot of character and history behind it. A few interior characteristics are exposed brick, rustic exposed finishes and structural elements such as wooden beams. The great thing about this style is how easy it blends with other styles. You can have fun by mixing a modern clean style with…

Rainy Day DIY

Sometimes rainy days can be a bit depressing. I love rainy days when I have no obligations because I can either be super productive or extremely lazy. For the productive rainy days, I tend to write articles for my blog, read a book, or watch YouTube videos about a new hobby I am interested in. Once in a blue moon (if I have supplies) I will paint. I love painting because it’s calming and I don’t have to think about what I’m painting, I just let it come natural. I’ve picked out a few DIYs to help have a productive a rainy day. (more…)

DIY: Weekend Bathroom Update

It’s sad to say but summer is almost over. Now that a new season is around the corner, it’s time to freshen things up around your home. You can take the time out to refresh your bathroom in a weekend with these easy solutions. (more…)