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Styling Your Home

We're all guilty of scrolling through Pinterest for hours being inspired by beautiful décor and think...time to decorate! Well, not to burst your happy bubble but it's not that simple. Finding the right items can become a task. Using Pinterest as a guide can be useful, however you want to find your own aesthetic while styling your home. Each home is unique, it takes time to find the right piece. Patience will become your best friend. (more…)

A Touch of Bold

A lot of us tend to play it safe when it comes to almost every aspect of our lives. The reason behind that is the fear of change and the 'what if'. I can definitely say that most people also play it safe when it comes to their homes. People usually stick with neutral wall colors, furniture, and accessories. Change can be a good thing with a little guidance. If you're willing to try something new, I can show you five ways to incorporate bold looks into your space.  (more…)

Preparing Your Home for the Holidays

It’s hard to believe that we are already approaching another holiday! Just last month it was time to prep our tables for Thanksgiving. Getting into the holiday spirit and prepping your home can be a lot of fun! Starting early is essential, it gives you time to enjoy your holiday décor and more. (more…)

Countdown To Christmas: The Gift of Giving

The countdown to Christmas has officially started! Throughout these twelve days until Christmas I will be sharing fun ways on getting your home ready for the holidays and gift ideas for less! This year I am trying to be a little more crafty with my gift wrapping.  Here, I will share five different gift wrapping ideas that will make your gifts stand out! (more…)

Saturday’s Style: A Little Hint of Pink

Pink is a tricky color to incorporate, it can make your home feel a little too warm or feminine. People tend to associate pink with a little girl’s room, but the key to incorporating pink is the hue. A bright fuchsia suggest energy while a tickle me pink or blush pink gives the feeling of serenity. Pairing pink with other colors can create different moods in the space. It takes your mind away from associating pink with a little girl’s color. Here are a few ways to integrate pink into your interiors while keeping it chic. (more…)