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The Illustrated: Melissa Stefanovski

A couple of months ago I stumbled upon a fashion/lifestyle illustration instagram called @the_illustrated. I fell in love with her work! Melissa was kind enough to do a couple of illustrations for me and I was in awe! She's super talented and I personally think her work should be recognized...hence why I am sharing it!  (more…)

#OOTD: Jumpsuit X Denim Style

I am not a huge fan of taking photos (hence why I have Fashionista Fridays) but with nice weather and beautiful Boston, one can't resist being a fashion blogger for.2 seconds. When a freelance photographer (The Pretty Patriot) and an Interior blogger join forces...well I guess you can say they should join forces more often!   (more…)

Fashionista Friday: Moniqua Williams

I've decided to try something new on my blog, I'm thinking about incorporating fashion. I am not the type to take an OOTD photo or a selfie but I figured it would be nice to highlight other bloggers/ fashionistas who aren't camera shy. I love seeing fashionable people, they give me life and definitely inspiration. This week's Fashionista darling is Mo Williams of @mo.marvelous. (more…)

6 Ways to Update Your Home for Spring

Spring is right around the corner! There's no better way to prepare for Spring with some spring cleaning and decorating! It is important to give your home a deep refreshed clean before moving on to the next step. A little paint goes a long way or maybe a little scrub of Mr.Clean magic eraser.  Once you get all of the cleaning is out of the way the fun part begins! (more…)

Youtube: Get to Know Me Tag

I've finally created my first Youtube video, it's been long overdue! I figured for my first video I would do a Get to Know Me Tag I felt that it would  be a nice way of learning a few new things about me. It's always easy to keep  up with someone on their  blog or on Instagram but you don't really know someone's personality. I felt that this would be a fun way to show you guys the person behind the blog! Please feel free to comment and subscribe and I hope you guys enjoy!