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Fashionista Friday: Ashley Danielle

In honor of turning 23 today, I have decided to be this week's Friday Fashionista. I am super grateful to turn 23 and and the many blessings I've been blessed with this past year. The journey is only now beginning and looking forward to the countless blessings yet to come. (more…)

The Illustrated: Melissa Stefanovski

A couple of months ago I stumbled upon a fashion/lifestyle illustration instagram called @the_illustrated. I fell in love with her work! Melissa was kind enough to do a couple of illustrations for me and I was in awe! She's super talented and I personally think her work should be recognized...hence why I am sharing it!  (more…)

Fashionista Friday: Moniqua Williams

I've decided to try something new on my blog, I'm thinking about incorporating fashion. I am not the type to take an OOTD photo or a selfie but I figured it would be nice to highlight other bloggers/ fashionistas who aren't camera shy. I love seeing fashionable people, they give me life and definitely inspiration. This week's Fashionista darling is Mo Williams of @mo.marvelous. (more…)

Style meets Functionality

Let's face it, appearances are everything and I'm not just talking about a person's appearance but also interiors. The appearance of a space is the first thing you see, it captures your attention- good and bad. The style of an interior is the first thing you notice but the second part of an interior space is it's functionality. Good design equals a space that serves purpose and speaks for itself. It doesn't need an explanation whether it involves furniture, technology or architecture. (more…)