6 Ways to Update Your Home for Spring

Spring is right around the corner! There’s no better way to prepare for Spring with some spring cleaning and decorating! It is important to give your home a deep refreshed clean before moving on to the next step. A little paint goes a long way or maybe a little scrub of Mr.Clean magic eraser.  Once you get all of the cleaning is out of the way the fun part begins!

Pillow Update

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This is a must! Your winters can go bye bye and it’s time to bring out your fun floral, pop of color pillows. A few trends I’m seeing this Spring/Summer are tassels, fringe and pom poms! The vibe seems to be Bohemian Chic this Spring/Summer and I’m not complaining, it’s fun and bold.

A Good Night’s Sleep


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One of my favorite things about Spring is new bedding! I love changing my linens for soft pastels or subtle patterns. (Fun Fact: I  have giraffe sheets waiting I’m waiting to use for the official day of Spring and it’s the cutest thing. We all have our kid at heart moments.) It’s time to put your faux fur throws and winter bedding away. Opt for a fun duvet cover and shams. Don’t forget a light throw for an added layer of color or pattern.

Switch it Up

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So your furniture layout has been the same all fall and winter. Now is the time to switch it up. Changing the layout of your furniture can create a new vibe in your space.

A Lighter Palette
Incorporating lighter, pastel colors can open up a lot of possibilities. It’s an easy palette to work with and your space will automatically feel light and airy. Change out your heavy curtains for sheers or linen to allow for natural light.
Florals and All

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Floral is expected in a Spring palette but you don’t have to be obvious about it. Incorporating florals in understated way will be the right amount. You don’t want the floral elements to overpower you space.Incorporating floral can be as small as background pillow.

Color, Fragrance, and GreensBringing the outside in definitely gives your home the feeling of Spring. Find your favorite vase and incorporate some green elements into your home. Leafy plants like palms and banana leaves are great if you want to make a plant statement.  Peonies are also just as good, plus they soften your space with its subtle colors. Flowers and plants also bring a natural aroma indoors. If you’re not allergic this can be a nice way of making your home feel like Spring.
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