- Month: January 2017 -

A Touch of Bold

A lot of us tend to play it safe when it comes to almost every aspect of our lives. The reason behind that is the fear of change and the 'what if'. I can definitely say that most people also play it safe when it comes to their homes. People usually stick with neutral wall colors, furniture, and accessories. Change can be a good thing with a little guidance. If you're willing to try something new, I can show you five ways to incorporate bold looks into your space.  (more…)

Style meets Functionality

Let's face it, appearances are everything and I'm not just talking about a person's appearance but also interiors. The appearance of a space is the first thing you see, it captures your attention- good and bad. The style of an interior is the first thing you notice but the second part of an interior space is it's functionality. Good design equals a space that serves purpose and speaks for itself. It doesn't need an explanation whether it involves furniture, technology or architecture. (more…)