- Month: September 2016 -

Rainy Day DIY

Sometimes rainy days can be a bit depressing. I love rainy days when I have no obligations because I can either be super productive or extremely lazy. For the productive rainy days, I tend to write articles for my blog, read a book, or watch YouTube videos about a new hobby I am interested in. Once in a blue moon (if I have supplies) I will paint. I love painting because it’s calming and I don’t have to think about what I’m painting, I just let it come natural. I’ve picked out a few DIYs to help have a productive a rainy day. (more…)

DIY: Weekend Bathroom Update

It’s sad to say but summer is almost over. Now that a new season is around the corner, it’s time to freshen things up around your home. You can take the time out to refresh your bathroom in a weekend with these easy solutions. (more…)