- Month: June 2016 -

Weekend Getaway: Miami

I have been to Florida a million and one times but I have never really actually been to Miami. I went to Downtown Miami and South Beach, I fell in love with both areas. Being in Miami has actually made me consider about moving to Miami after college. I think that living in Miami could be a good move for me in my career path also, condos are constantly being built. I love the Caribbean life and Miami gives you the feel of the hot island life but in the American lifestyle way. If you are an artsy person like myself,  Wynwood is a great area to check out. There's a lot of cool art galleries and a few bars in the area. Another perk of Miami is the fact that it's so close…


Going to Jamaica was quite an experience. I didn't know what to think because I've heard so many stories about Jamaica. My aunt wanted my cousin and I to go with her to see a different culture and way of life. I went with an open mind and it was one of the best experiences/vacations of my life(as of now). From the food to the music and the culture, there was so much to take in. (more…)